One-on-one football training sessions with Ben

1-on 1 football training in Tauranga

These Skill Labs are aimed at improving individual skills, provide tailor made training sessions and ensure ongoing 1-on-1 practice.

The 1-on-1 sessions are suitable for kids/youth from 8 years old


Session duration: 1 hour

Cost: $35 or $150 for 5 sessions

Group pricing: $50 for 2 people, $60 for 3 people, and $70 for 4 people (max 4).

When: Organise your session with Ben before or after school, over the weekend or during the school holidays

Please email,  Ben our Director of Football, to organise your child's first session

4 reasons to sign up to 1-on-1 football training sessions

  1. Centre of attention | Individuals get the opportunity to be looked at frequently. During team sessions a coach only has so much time to focus on each player and can overlook certain strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement in one’s game. 1-on-1 coaching offers the opportunity for the player to receive 100% of the coach’s attention throughout the session. This allows the coach to build constructive feedback that is in line with the players objectives.
  2. Tailored training sessions | The coach creates tailored training sessions that address your child's development needs and is in line with the objectives. Periodised programming will be done for the duration of their involvement. For example: a 6 session program focussing on highlighting a different focus area each week. The training program will be done prior to each training session taking into account the previous week's content and player needs.
  3. Practice makes perfect | 1-on-1 coaching allows players to get vastly more touches on the ball. These are also conscious and deliberate touches that require an effort of concentration to execute and retain cognitively, which is difficult to replicate in a team training environment.
  4. Working towards the YOUR goals not the TEAMS goals | Team coaches tend to focus solely on the team's overall performance rather than the individual needs of the player, which may hinder individual long term development. 

In line with New Zealand Football’s player centred approach, where everything is about the player (not the team), 1-on-1 training can address this common issue.  

We can’t wait to tailor an individual program for your child. 

Please email,  Ben our Director of Football, to organise your child's first session