Our Club uses FRIENDLY MANAGER as an online platform for registraion purposes. All player registrations for our club must be actioned through Friendly Manager.  If you are new to the club - simply look under the type of Football you are interested in (e.g. Winter Football - Grades 8 - 12) and select that page on our website. Registration for your child is done via the "Register Here" button  which shows on the bottom right of the picture at the top of each page.  If you have more than one child - you can register them all at the same time simply by using the "add another child" feature near bottom of the online form..  Friendly Manager will send you via email Log in for future use and password.  Please retain this as you will need each time you wish to register in the future.  If you have previously registered using Friendly Manager in past seasons - simply go to the Log in section on the top right of our website home page and log in using your exisitng access.


Registration fees are to be paid online through Friendly Manager at the time of registration and can be made via debit or credit card online when working through the registration process. The club wants to ensure that the oppurtunity to play is there for all so if you need to set up a payment schedule in order to make this work for your family, please contact our Club Treasurer on prior to registraion. so appropriate arrangements can be made. Club infomation in relation to our payment terms can be found on our resources page here (need to insert link soon) 

Any outstanding registration fees from last years season or outstanding fines must also be paid or have an approved payment plan in place with the club prior to registration for the upcoming season. If you have any outstanding payments with our club or any other club within New Zealand you will be unable to register until you have paid the amounts outstanding and the red flag in NZ football's Comet system has cleared. 

Our payment terms and conditions can be found here.

Please contatct: for more details 


In accordance with the FIFA regulations and NZ Football an international clearance is required for any player aged 10 or over who wishes to register for a club in New Zealand and has previously been registered for a club overseas; or anyone who is a foreign national seeking to register for the first time in this country. Further information, including flow chart, can be found here

This process can take time so please contact  and we will assist you to compile your application which will be submitted through our club to NZ Football. 


If you are registering Senior and Junior playing members in the family, please register the Junior members first. After you enter the guardian details, you will be sent a login you can then use to register the Senior Member. 

Multiple Junior & Youth members can be registered at the same time now, after entering the first child select "Add Another Child" 

You can also enter multiple guardian details if you choose to both receive club communications.