Fast Football is a version of Futsal (5-aside, indoor football) adapted to be played outdoors.  Less players on the field at a time gives each player more time on the ball (estimated to be 700-900% more touches then winter football) while the small space puts more emphasis on ball control, player movement and teamwork.  The rules have been simplified to make the game more accessible and results are not recorded to help keep the focus on player development and fun rather than the outcome of any particular game.


2021 Term 4 and 2022 Term 1 details:

Requires at least 4-teams for an age group to go ahead.

U7 (Year 1/2): 4v4, No goal keeper, 2x1m goals, 2x 15-minute halves, set up and pack down the 2x1m goals

U9 (Year 3/4): 5v5, 3x2m goals, 2x 19-minute halves, set up the 3x2m goals

U11 (Year 5/6): 5v5, 3x2m goals, 2x 19-minute halves

U13 (Year 7/8): 5v5, 3x2m goals, 2x 19-minute halves

Adult/Youth: Must be 14-years or older. One female player must be on the field at all times. 5v5, 3x2m goals, 2x 19-minute halves, pack away the 3x2m goals


WHERE: Morland Fox Park, Greerton


WHEN: 2021 Term 4: Tuesdays from 26th October to 7th December 2021

2022 Term 1: Tuesdays from 22nd February to 5th April 2022


COST: $90 per team per term (about $13 per person if teams of 7 players)


If you’ve entered teams into Fast Football in Term 4 of 2020 or Term 1 of 2021, you will be set up in Friendly Manager, our registration system. The contact person for your team will be sent login details, a password and instructions on how to register.

If you have not entered a team previously or have lost your login, please email our Registrations Officer on:

Registraions close Tuesday 19th October 

Team Management

All U7-U13 teams must have an adult (18+) with them at all times who is responsible for the management, health and safety of the team.

Adults and young adults (Aged 14+) are responsible for their own management, health and safety.


Teams supply their own referee or referee themselves.  Referees are not provided by Blue Rovers.

The Draw

The draw will be available on the Blue Rovers website (


Cancellations will be emailed to the Team Contact no later than 1pm on the day of play and notified on the Blue Rovers website and Facebook page.

Basic Rules

Regular football rules apply with the following exceptions:

  • Players must wear shoes and shin pads. All players within the team should wear the same colour uniform or playing shirt.
  • Unlimited, rolling substitutions.
  • All games start and stop on the horn.
  • No offside.
  • No slide tackles or tackles from behind.
  • Kick-ins replace Throw-ins.
  • Goal Clearances (throwing the ball) replace Goal Kicks.
  • 4 Second Rule. Players have 4 seconds to take Kicks-Ins (including Corner Kicks and Free Kicks).  The Goal Keeper is not allowed to control the ball for more than 4 seconds in their defensive half.  The referee will count the 4 seconds with their fingers in the air. If play isn’t restarted within 4 seconds, possession is surrendered to the opposition team
  • 5m Rule.  Players are required to be at least 5m from the player in possession of the ball on Kicks-Ins (including Corner Kicks, Free Kicks and Penalties) and Goal Clearances.
  • The Referee’s decision is final