Futsal is a competitive 5 a side version of football played inside on a basketball sized court with a smaller, low bounce ball. Futsals faster pace and intensity promotes more player engagement with the ball, an estimated 700-900% percent more touches than 11 a side football, placing emphasis on player movement, ball control and team work. 

Teams generally have 7 players in total - 5 on the court including a goalie. 

Games are played on Sundays at Trust Power Arena Baypark - Some games maybe at other venues due to Trust Power Arena hosting other events. 


U9 - Born 2011 & 2012 (girls boys and mixed) 

U11 - Born 2010 & 2009 ( girls, boys and mixed) 

U13 - Born 2007 & 2008  (girls boys and mixed) 

Junior High school - Yr9 & 10 

Senior High School - Yr 11-13 

Girls High school Social - Yrs 9-13 combined 

COST:  $65 per player per term

WHEN: Term 1 2021 commences February 21st, 

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