Mixed Summer Football (Fast Football)

Summer Football is a version of Futsal (5-aside, indoor football) adapted to be played outdoors. 

Less players on the field at a time gives each player more time on the ball (estimated to be 700-900% more touches then winter football) while the small space puts more emphasis on ball control, player movement and teamwork.  The rules have been simplified to make the game more accessible and results are not recorded to help keep the focus on player development and fun rather than the outcome of any particular game.

2023 Term 4 and 2024 Term 1 details:

Please note - in order for each age category to proceed we require at least 4-teams for each age group.

Junior (teams entered under one of the following school year groups - 1 & 2's, 3 & 4's, 5 & 6's and 7 & 8's): Grade 8 to Grade 12: 5v5, 3x2m goals, 2x 19-minute halves, set up the 3x2m goals

Adult/Youth: Must be 14-years or older. 5v5, 3x2m goals, 2x 19-minute halves, pack away the 3x2m goals


Pemberton Park, Fraser Street, Greerton

2023 Term 4 Season Dates:

  • Monday 30th October - Monday 11th December (7weeks)

2024 Term 1 Season Dates:

  • Juniors - Monday 19th February - Monday 1st April
  • Youth & Seniors - Monday 22nd January to Monday 4th March

ProposedTime frame:

Junior games will be either 4pm or 5pm kick off, time will be confirmed once registrations and draw completed.

Adults / Open Youth category games will be either 6pm or 7pm kick off, time will be confirmed once registrations and draw completed.

Note:  All of the above times subject to change dependent on number of teams entered per category and field availability.  This page will be updated to reflect final times.



  • Adults  - $140 per team per term 
  • Juniors - All Grades & Open Youth Category - $112 per team per term 


Registrations for Junior categories of our Summer Football program are generally done through the Schools with the registration being per team - not per individual player.  If your child is interested in playing Summer Football please reach out to the Sports Coordinator at your child's school and ask them to put your child on the list for a team. For indivual players that are interested in playing please complete this form and we will try to create a team for you - https://docs.google.com/forms

In some instances we find that the Coaches from our Winter season teams are keen to continue on to Summer Football in Terms 4 and Terms 1.  You can also reach out to Coach of your child's winter based team to see if there is sufficient interest for them to put together a team.  We recommend 7 players per team to ensure sufficient coverage.

In respect to teams in our Open Youth / Adults category - minimum age of players is 14 years of age.  This is a popular category for teenagers and adults alike - including teams mixed with teens / adults.  If you have entered a team in our Fast Football program previously you should already be set up in our database, Friendly Manager.  Please log into your profile to register.

You will need to indicate what level of competition you are entering, for all leagues we will have two options. A - for players that play in weekly winter games or B - for players that are entering as families or work/social groups or new to the sport.

Team Management

All junior teams must have an adult (18+) with them at all times who is responsible for the management, health and safety of the team.

Adults and young adults (Aged 14+) are responsible for their own management, health and safety.


Teams supply their own referee or referee themselves.  Referees are not provided by Tauranga Blue Rovers.

The Draw

The draw will be available on the Tauranga Blue Rovers website once entries are closed. (www.bluerovers.co.nz


Cancellations will be emailed to the Team Contact no later than 1pm on the day of play and notified on the Tauranga Blue Rovers website and Facebook page.

Basic Rules

Rules and regulations to be aware of:

  • All teams must be registered on Friendly Manager. Contact registrations@bluerovers.co.nz for support

  • Juniors teams under the supervision of caregivers must set up the small goals.

  • Youth and adult teams must pack down goals.


Tauranga Blue Rovers FC is a community focused Football club that works to provide the best possible experience for all participants while keeping them safe. If you are Sports Coordinator or Team Manager please ensure that all team members are aware of the protocols so that we can focus on having fun on the pitch!

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