About Us

The Tauranga Blue Rovers Football Club was formed in 1971 and now has over 600 players in winter football with the club and 1800 players involved in our football programmes throughout the year. We train and play at Pemberton Park on Fraser Street, Morland Fox Park on Devon Street and Te Wati Park in Maungatapu. The majority of our players are from our local area: Greerton, Oropi, Pyes Pa, The Lakes, Tauriko and Central Tauranga.

Our vision is "Football for Everyone" and we offer a variety of football programmes so that any person, regardless of their background or ability, can experience "the beautiful game" without having to leave their local community. This includes:

  • Winter football for children, youth and seniors teams including: First Kicks on Saturday mornings at our home grounds for children aged 4 to 7 (Grades 4 to 7), Junior Football for children aged 8 to 12 (Grades 8 to 12), Youth Football for youth aged 12 to 19 (Grades 13 to Baywide Youth) and Senior Football.
  • A development programme from February to September which partners with players, caregivers and coaches to accelerate the football ability of players with a Growth Mindset and a strong work ethic. The programme is comprised of development teams and skill labs.
  • Holiday programmes for children and youth in the Term 1, 2, 3 breaks and Term 4 Christmas holiday.
  • Summer football from October to March. Summer football is an informal and fun 5-aside organised by age group (U8, U10, U12, youth, senior).
  • In-school programmes to deliver play, active recreation, and football experiences for children and youth.
  • Futsal in Term 1 and 4. Futsal has developed as its own unique sport with players choosing to specialise in football or futsal as they get older.
  • Walking Football for older or disabled players who want to kick a ball, have fun and stay active.

The guiding values of the club are:

  • Inclusiveness - we value the diversity of our members and offer a diversity of opportunities.
  • Integrity - we do what we say.
  • Excellence - we are good at what we do.
  • Sustainability - we are here for the long-term.
  • Stage Appropriate - player welfare is central to what we do.
  • Partnership - we each have our part to play in being successful.

Key Contacts

Chris Acott | Director of Football

Email: dof@bluerovers.co.nz

Phone: (021) 0232 7954

Leigh Perry | Registrations

Email: registrations@bluerovers.co.nz


Nika Rikiriki | President | president@bluerovers.co.nz 

Lyndon Marshall | Treasurer (acting)

Theo Ursum | Immediate Past President | theo@bluerovers.co.nz

David Quirk

Jason Wright

Leonie Gordon

Grade Coordinators 

Jason Wright | First Kicks | firstkicks@bluerovers.co.nz 

Lewis Carroll | 8th Grade | g8@bluerovers.co.nz 

Kerri Berntsen | 9th Grade | g9@bluerovers.co.nz 

Carien Lubbe | 10th Grade | g10@bluerovers.co.nz 

Adele Harrex | 11th Grade | g11@bluerovers.co.nz

Jen Tito | 12th Grade | g12@bluerovers.co.nz  

Petra Snelling-Berg  | Grade 13-19 | youth@bluerovers.co.nz 

Cath Wheeler | Girls Coordinator | girls@bluerovers.co.nz 

Vicky Raspin | Mixed Develoment Teams Coordinator

Leonie Gordon | Senior Women and High School Girls Coordinator | women@bluerovers.co.nz 

David Quirk | Senior Social Men | men@bluerovers.co.nz


Colin Simonson | Grounds Officer

Nicky Marshall | Accounts Officer | accounts@bluerovers.co.nz

Theo Ursum | Grants Officer | theo@bluerovers.co.nz

Nika Rikiriki | Volunteer Coordinator | nika@bluerovers.co.nz

Development Team

Brent Armitage | Development Coach

Brett Gander | Goal Keeper Coach

David Bollen | Development Coach

David Kawan | Development Coach

Geoff Rickard | Develoment Coach

Jeremy Croy | Development Coach

Jo van Zyl | Development Coach

Lance Ranchod | Development Coach

Leonie Gordon | Development Coach

Martin Collis | Development Coach

Nichola Vague | Development Coach

Stuart Leighton | Development Coach and Skill Labs Coach