Winter Football at the Tauranga Blue Rovers

Winter football runs predominantly between May and September (during Terms 2 & 3 of the school year), but the Blue Rovers runs football programmes throughout the year. More information can be found on our Winter Football Information page.

Registrations for 2024 winter football have closed.

There are a limited number of places in our 5th and 6th Grade Teams (born 2017 to 2020). Please complete the registration process and you will be placed on a waitlist and allocated a place in a team as places allow. Registrations for 5th and 6th Grade has been extended until 30 April 2024.

All other grade are now full. All junior and youth registrations received after 31st March will be placed on a waitlist. Players on the waitlist will be allocated to teams if and when places become available.

The Blue Rovers vision is "Football for Everyone" so we will do our absolute best to get waitlisted players in teams, and enjoying "the beautiful game".

Winter Football Programmes

First Kicks (Grade 4 to 6) is for children aged 4 to 6 (born in 2018 to 2020).  This is usually a child’s (and some parents) first experience with football. First Kicks is about giving things a go in a fun and safe environment. It doesn’t look like 11-aside football, but is designed to develop a love for the game which is what will keep the child coming back to football and sport. First Kicks is on Saturday mornings at our home grounds. Children must already have had their 4th birthday in order to register for this programme.

Mini Football (Grade 7 and 8) is for children aged 7 and 8 (born in 2016 and 2017). At this stage children are starting to develop their football skills through fun and play. Football at this stage is characterised by lots of touches on the ball and plenty of opportunities for players to take risks and try new things.

Junior Football (Grade 9 to 12) is for children aged 9 to 12 (born 2012 to 2015). This is often called ‘the golden ages of learning’ as children can learn and grow rapidly. The challenge at this stage is to provide young footballers with the opportunities and support they need to develop their individual skills such as striking the ball, receiving the ball, 1v1, travelling with the ball, pressing, marking, intercepting, tackling, movement and communication.

Youth Football (Grade 13 to 19) is for youth aged 13 to 19 (born in 2005 to 2011). At this stage, young footballers are introduced to how they can translate the individual skills they have developed into team success. Players try out and learn different positions and how each position contributes to the team in different moments of the game.

Our Development  Programme is for players aged 9 and older (born in 2012 and earlier) and runs from February to September. It is a partnership between coaches, players and caregivers to accelerate the football ability of players with a Growth Mindset and a strong work ethic.

Girls Only Football is played alongside mixed football at all of the stages above, but recognises that girls often enjoy their experience more when playing with and against other girls. Girls and womens teams recieve the same support and resources as mixed teams at the Blue Rovers.

Senior Football is for usually for adults 19 and older. It recognises that people play football for a variety of reasons including competition, social connection, health and wellbeing. Development Programme members may play in senior teams or leagues if they provide the correct challenge point.