2023 President's Report

15 Nov

Dear Members of the Tauranga Blue Rovers,

As my tenure as President of Tauranga Blue Rovers comes to an end after 9 years, I am delighted with the remarkable progress and achievements that our club has made over those years. The dedication, passion, and hard work of the entire Blue Rovers community has been instrumental in propelling us to new heights.

One of our key objectives during my time as President was to expand and strengthen our player base. I am thrilled to report that we have not only increased the number of players at all levels of the club but also raised the overall quality of our players. This accomplishment is a testament to the tireless efforts of our coaches, our Director of Football and all the volunteers supporting the teams, who have provided our young players with a nurturing environment to develop their skills.

One of the most significant strides we’ve made is the establishment of a club football philosophy. This philosophy has become the cornerstone of our approach to the beautiful game, from First Kicks to the senior squads. Our shared vision for the way we play, develop talent, and conduct ourselves on and off the field has already yielded excellent results.

To further solidify our commitment to this philosophy and to oversee the strategic direction of our football operations, we have successfully appointed a Director of Football. This key addition to our club’s leadership structure ensures that we maintain a consistent approach to player development, and tactical strategies across all levels. Our Director of Football, Chris Acott, will play a pivotal role in
the continued growth and success of our club, and we are thrilled to have them on board.

The successful transition of our committee from being operationally focused to governance-centric ensures that The Blue Rovers is well-prepared for the future. The groundwork laid during my tenure will continue to guide our club as it enters its next phase of development. We’ve successfully executed numerous initiatives, from improving our club facilities to enhancing community
engagement programs.

With these significant achievements, we find ourselves in an exciting position for the future. Our expanded player base, cohesive football philosophy, and the expertise of our Director of Football provide a strong foundation on which we can continue to build. I have the utmost confidence in the dedicated team that will continue the journey that we have started. Together, you will shape the
next chapter of Tauranga Blue Rovers with enthusiasm and vision. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all our members, supporters, players, coaches and staff who have made this progress possible. Your commitment, passion, and support have been the
driving force behind our success. Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our club. Together, we have created something truly special.  As I step down from the role of President, I am filled with pride and gratitude for the incredible experience of serving this club. I look forward to continuing my support as a coach and committee member, eagerly anticipating the achievements that the future holds for Tauranga Blue Rovers.

Theo Ursum
President Tauranga Blue Rovers Football Club