Blue Rovers partners with Lakes Clinic Physiotherapists

The Tauranga Blue Rovers Football Club partners with the Lakes Clinic Physiotherapists for 2024
23 Jan

The Lakes Clinic is really excited to partner with the Tauranga Blue Rovers to support the club with both physiotherapy services and athlete development programmes in 2024. At The Lakes Clinic we have a very experienced team with expertise in both physiotherapy and strength and conditioning.

Our physios have worked with a wide range of athletes encompassing many codes, from club through to international level. This included providing a full range of services from preventative programmes through to full rehabilitation - for those unlucky to have been injured. Previous football experience includes club through to National league as well as NZF youth training camps, for both male and female players, as well as travelling overseas with some of our NZ age group players.

A number of our staff also have fitness and conditioning qualifications. Our experience working with youth means we can provide programs that will progress your child based on their maturity and exercise capabilities, in a safe and effective way following best practice guidelines. Good fitness and conditioning means your child will improve their physical ability to both better enjoy and perform safely in their chosen sport.

The Lakes Clinic team will also be supporting the Blue Rovers Development Programme. We will start with a range of athleticism and movement testing to provide the athletes with a baseline which can be measured re-measured over time to monitor changes and improvements.  It also provides key insights into areas to focus on for improvements, and highlights imbalances and risks that may lead to injuries.  

Following the testing, athletes will be provided support and programmes that focuses on age and level appropriate movement, strength, fitness training and sports specific exercises that will be delivered both in person, and then athletes provided programmes that are easy to follow that they can do safely themselves.

The introductory in person group sessions will focus on teaching and mastering movement, age and level appropriate resistance training (strength), speed, agility, jumping and landing, balance, co-ordination and fitness.   For those athletes that wish to dive even deeper, will have the opportunity to contact the support services directly for even more individualised and customised programmes and support. 

We look forward to working with you!

For more information on the range of services and how to contact, go to, email, or phone 07 2828110.  Be sure to mention you are a Blue Rovers club member to access the club sponsorship rates for physiotherapy services.