President's Update: May 2022

12 May

Now that our Winter 2022 season has started, I hope you all are enjoying being on the pitch again - I know I sure am!

You may have noticed you are not the only ones; it’s very busy at the training grounds in particular. Please make sure you stick to your allocated timeslots. 

Our junior player numbers have gone up, but we have also welcomed two new senior teams. It is great to see more senior players at the club.

The club has also added walking football to its programmes. We are keen to give everybody a chance to play.  The programme is a small-sided, low-impact, modified version of the game suited for all levels of ability and fitness, from people who are returning to sport after a break or those who’ve never played before. There is no restriction – it is open to all who wish to play. Just come to Morland Fox on Friday 6pm and meet our coordinator, Ken Carrick. If you want to touch base with Ken beforehand you can contact him by email on:

With a growing club, it means that we need extra hands to make things work. If you are keen to support the club and our community,  please consider the following:-

Committee Treasurer

Oversee the financial affairs of our Club, maintain bank accounts and prepare Statements of Accounts.  Estimate 3 hours per week. Software programme in place.

Committee Secretary

Prepare agenda, minute taking at meetings (optional), be part of committee discussions. Oversee club correspondence.

Estimate 1 hour per week.

Gear Officer

Take the lead of the Gear team and admin side of this positon. There is already a team in place to support you.  Peak at start and end of the winter season – estimate about 2 hours per week rest of the year.

Grants Officer

Take the lead on all aspects of grants / funding applications for the club – estimate 2 hours per week

Meredith Hall Coordinator

Oversee hall books and look after any maintenance issues of the club rooms  - estimate 1 hour per week

Sponsorship Officer

Set up and run our sponsorship programme – estimate 1 hour per week

Fast Football Coordinator

Person required to coordinate the admin side of this programme for the club in Terms 1 & 4.  Estimate 2 hours per week – possibly more at start of the terms. Good on communication – come join us.

Futsal Coordinator

Person required to coordinate the admin side of this programme for the club in Terms 1 & 4.  Estimate 2 hours per week during futsal season – possibly more pre the season start.  Good communication skills required.

Health & Safety Officer

Oversee the H & S role for the Club and make sure the Club is taking care of its players and members.  Estimate 1 hour per week.

Events Coordinator

Use your creative and organisational skills for the Club’s winter season prize giving and also support other events the club may have from time to time.  Estimate – 2 hours per week increasing as we lead up to season end prize giving.

Social Media Coordinator

Help get the word out by coordinating our social media.  Estimate 1 hour per week minimum.  An awesome opportunity to get those creative juices flowing.


Keen to have a chat with you to discuss what role would suit you. Please give me a call and let's discuss it.  Look forward to hearing from you.


Theo Ursum

Club President

Tauranga Blue Rovers FC

M:  022 6200226