Tauranga Blue Rovers Football Club | Name Change

3 Feb

Introducing Tauranga Blue Rovers Football Club

The club's name is changing to the Tauranga Blue Rovers Football Club to better reflect our members and our pride in representing Tauranga football when teams are playing further afield.

Theo, the Club President says: “The club's focus used to be solely on junior winter football, but the club has grown, and now offers football year-round and to youth and seniors, so the word 'junior' doesn't capture the entirety of who we are anymore. We also want to recognise our volunteers, often parents and caregivers, without which, the club would not be able to provide the excellent football experiences it does." Theo goes on to say, “the other factor for us is that when our teams are playing away, we're always being asked where we're from. We're proud of where we come from, and to join other great clubs in representing the best of Tauranga football".

The club consulted with life members who support the name change, including founding member June Green, who replied: "My preference would be Tauranga Blue Rovers. The club certainly has made wonderful progress.“ 

Over the next weeks and months members can expect to see updates to the logo and other collateral.